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Spending Time: A Guide to Shopping in Batam, Indonesia

Batam Island is home to numerous shopping destinations. Some of these are Mega Mall, which is connected to Batam Center International Ferry Terminal, and the 2 Top 100 Shopping Center branches in Jodoh and Baloi Center.

There is quite a long list of shopping malls in Batam, Indonesia - from Nagoya to Batam Center to Baloi. You may reach the point of exhaustion picking up goodies along the way, but you will never run out of places to shop in Batam. So we've provided you with a narrowed-down selection of the best places that will satisfy your shopaholic tendencies when you're visiting the island.

Nagoya Hill
If you want to begin your shopping itinerary in one of the island's largest malls, then you should head to Nagoya Hill. It was built in 2007 right at the heart of the island's main city. The mall houses Matahari and Hypermart, two of the biggest retail store chains in Indonesia. You may want to think twice about bringing a car with you, though, because the mall's popularity among tourists and locals results to packed parking spaces everyday.

Top 100 Shopping Center
Top 100, known as the place to find items with very low prices, has 2 branches in Batam. There is one along Jalan Penuin in Baloi Center, where one can find a whole lot of boutiques that sell clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories. The one in Jodoh, however, attracts more shoppers than its sister establishment because it features very affordable electronic gadgets and appliances.

Diamond City Mall
More commonly known as DC Mall, Diamond City is small compared to other malls in Batam. However, its size doesn't put it way behind its larger counterparts. Fact is many people turn to this place when they want to find the best-quality fashion accessories, clothes, shoes, and batik, the traditional Indonesian fabric.

Mega Mall
You can already shop in Batam Center as soon as you get off at its international ferry terminal. This is because a bridge connects the port to Mega Mall, a 5-storey building where you can find affordable clothes, electronics, and furniture. On its second floor is Cineplex XXI, the largest Indonesian cinema network, where you can catch the latest local and Hollywood movies in one of its 6 cinemas.

Gelael Palm Spring
Gelael Supermarket has opened at least 14 branches in the country since 1970. As one of the first supermarkets to be widely recognized in Indonesia, it is known for providing buyers with the crispest fruits and vegetables every single day. Also, locals know too well that Gelael is a good place for finding fresh fish for their homemade meals. The entire grand floor is the supermarket, while the second floor is a food court with restaurants, such as KFC, Pizza Hut, and McDonald's.

The island's numerous retail centers -- a good addition to its wide array of tourist destinations -- attract tourists from all over the world. Fortunately, accommodation providers that offer big discounts for their lavish suites, like Panorama Regency Hotel [] can be found in almost every part of the island. Now, guests can stay in luxurious and affordable guest spaces while enjoying the shopping scene in Batam.

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