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Spain is a land of many surprises. There are so many territories in Spain that are actually worth your time that you will find that holidays in Spain are something made in heaven because of  the rewards that you will be able to experience here.

Some of the most popular destinations in Spain include Costa Blanca which has great villages as well as many kilometers of white beaches. There is plenty to experience in the region. Costa Brava is yet another popular destination that has many seaside resorts as well as a rugged coast that is quite unique. Also referred to as the sunny coast is Costa del Sol located in the south of the country.

Another great destination is Gran Canaria which has many climates as well as landscapes, thus the name "continent in miniature". It is a great place to experience the biodiversity of Spain. Ibiza is the most popular party destination in the country and is a great place to go with friends. It is located on the Balearic Islands and also has some awesome beach areas.

For wine and some history, la Rioja is a great place to be as you will enjoy Rioja wine as well as dinosaur tracks that are still intact to date. Mallorca is the largest island on the Balearics and is great for nightlife as well as beaches. The Sierra Nevada area is perfect for those who love trekking and skiing. This is the highest mountain to be found on the Iberian Peninsula. Tenerife on the other hand is a place that has a wide range of flora and fauna, volcanoes, mountains, forests, coastlines that are outstanding as well as amazing beaches.

All the destinations in Spain are great choices and depending on what you like most, you will be able to enjoy the kind of holiday that you think is perfect. Spain is a land of diversity and is a place where experiences and memories that last are created and upheld.

There is an abundance of beach areas for those who love to enjoy the summer sun. The climate in Spain is unbelievably fair for most of the year and it is this fact that has made the country popular in the tourism sector as the beach holidays were the first to gain foot in Spain.

It is also very easy to note that there is more to Spain than beaches. There is history, culture, folklore, great food, nightlife as well as the very best of festivals; thus it is an all round destination befitting people from all walks of life.

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