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Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon is known for its roses and for being one of last stops on Lewis and Clark's expedition westward, but it's also become the permanent last stop for many people whose spirits haunt the city to this day €" and a lot of them didn't get any roses when they died.

The most famous haunted location in Portland is the Pittock Mansion. It was built by the Pittock family to be a home, but in 1964 this was bought by the City of Portland and made into a tourist attraction. There is still a photograph of Henry Pittock in the mansion, but you may never know where it is. The picture has a habit of moving around the house within minutes. Tour guides don't like to talk about it, but visitors have reported the strong smell of roses, Henry's wife Georgiana's favorite flower, when there are none in the house. Others say they hear heavy boots walking around the house, and one woman says she's seen the image of an elderly woman appear and disappear in front of her. Windows also shut on their own and latch themselves closed.

The White Eagle Tavern, claimed to be Portland's favorite night spot, is also a favorite spot for ghosts. Employees can sometimes smell smoke and cheap perfume when the bar is empty, even when there is no fire or a woman around. Other employees have said that they felt like they were being grabbed and have seen old coins appear out of nowhere. Sometimes the toilets will flush on their own and there is sometimes the sound of crying on the second floor. Perhaps the most odd occurrence happened to the assistant manager, Jeff. Normally a skeptic about the hauntings at The White Eagle, Jeff says he can explain seeing a menu fly across the room while he was counting tips one afternoon, and another employee saw it too.

Some ghosts are just playful, like the one found in the Yellow Brick Road Antiques and Collectible Store. This lively spirit likes to play pranks, pushing people and lifting hats of heads. It's believed to be the specter of the old caretaker who died there long ago. Other spirits are the result of more violent circumstances. In 1949, a fifteen year old girl was murdered under St. John's Bridge in Cathedral Park. Screams can be heard throughout the night during the summer, so real that the police have been called out to investigate numerous times only to find nothing.

Then there is the Bella Rooming House. At this home in 1907, Anna Martin was surprised when her sister Emma's husband, Fred, ran into the room and shot her dead where she stood. As Anna fled the horrifying scene, Fred shot her too, and it wasn't long before she was dead too. In a final act of desperation, Fred went into the cellar and shot himself in the head. Their tortured souls are said to still frequent the house to this day.

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