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Architectural contributions to spain's tourism

Spain is a country that is very popular as a tourist destination. It attracts millions of tourists every year. There are a lot of places worth seeing and visiting in Spain for the discerning visitors. All tourists have something to look forward to while in Spain and can actually be guaranteed of a fabulous time in the region. There are many contributors to tourism in Spain that has led to the growth in the region's popularity as a destination.

Spain architectural works are some of the most popular and unique styles in the world. The major contributors were the early settlers as well as religion. Spain's architecture also has a major role in the history of the country and actually a lot can be learnt from the existence of some of the works that still stand to date. Spain's architecture is very different from others in the world. Jews, Christians, Muslims, the Moorish people and the Romans played a major role in the development of architecture in the region.

Some of the most popular designs are Tarragona and Segovia canals, Cordoba and Alcantara bridges as well as the Merida Theater. Architecture has greatly improved the value of Spain over the years. The Spanish architectural wonders include the mosque in Cordoba that has been standing since the 10th century and the structures known as Hispano Moresque. The mosques were the great works of the moors. Spain greatly benefits from these structures today as they attract a lot of tourists yearly.

Jews and Christians also made their contribution in the architectural designs found in Spain today. The art lovers are sure to have a great time exploring all the great works of architecture that revolve around tourism. The Jew and Christian designs have been merged to make some quite spectacular unique designs. The works include the Santa Maria church, The Alhambra, the Alcazar, as well as the Christian Cathedral. All these churches have great designs. There are also places in Spain that are consider as most holy and still receive their major share of tourists.

Spain also has designs that can be termed as legendary. They include: the mingle between gothic styles and Moorish designs, Mudejar, and Mozarabic. There is ornamentation on the architectural works that attract the eyes of most visitors leaving them awed.

Gaudi works are also very popular in Spain and they can be seen in most places in Spain. All these places play a major role in the tourism sector attracting a great number of tourists every year.

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