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Are You Aware of the Driving Rules in Australia?

If you are planning on working with a campervan rental service in Australia, then it is important to ask them about the traffic rules and road regulations.
Essentially, the Australian authorities will consider driver's license from any country valid, as long as it includes the basic information in English.
Consequentially, if your country of residence does not issue driver's licenses with English translations as well, then you will have to get a translation on the documents.
At the same time, it is necessary that you have an international driver's license along with the license from your country of residence.
In Australia, the motorists usually drive on the left side of the road.
Therefore, if you are accustomed to driving on the right side, then it is highly probable that you will need some time to adjust to this aspect.
However, as the campervan rental services will tell you, the good news is that you can drive as slowly as you wish on the leftmost lane of the road.
In addition, you should rest assured that if your itinerary implies driving on the freeway, then you will see multiple signs to remind you to stay on the left side of the road.
Honking is forbidden in most regions of Australia, the only exception being a dangerous road situation when you need to warn the other drivers of an impending menace.
In short, if you are about to hit another vehicle or an automobile is about you hit you, then you are allowed to make use of the horn.
Otherwise, you risk getting a fine if a law enforcement officer is nearby.
Speaking of the circumstances when you might be eligible for road warnings and fines, it is necessary to point out that drinking and driving is a serious offence in Australia.
In addition, the driver and the passengers must always have the seat belt on.
Another aspect to inquire about before driving is the speed limit.
One way you can learn more about the accepted speed is to ask the campervan rental services details on your itinerary.
Since 2003, the speed limit for certain areas of the major cities has been reduced to 50kms/h.
However, since it is highly possible that some regions in the countryside have adopted this value for the limit speed, it is advisable to check with the locals or pay attention to the signs indicating it.
Given the fact that it is very likely you will be travelling through the countryside of Australia, it is necessary to mention that gas stations are rather scarce and quite far away from each other.
What this means is that it is best to top up with fuel before you leave a city or village.
Moreover, the snack bars and restaurants tend to close at rather early hours.
Consequentially, you can either plan your dinners early or pack sandwiches, snacks and drinks if you are planning to drive during the evening or night.
Lastly, be alert while driving, as there is a high chance of bumping into animals that are trying to cross the road.

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