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The Outstanding Wonder of the Amazon Rainforest

You just cannot beat the unspoiled beauty of the Amazon rain forest.
The dense Lush tropical jungle of South America may not have the luxuries of any modern day amenities but what it does have is an abundance of flora and fauna that cannot be matched anywhere else in this world.
There have been many different scientists that have gone there and discovered well over 300 different species of plant life and to be honest have probably missed some into the bargain.
The mighty Amazon River that flows through parts of Brazil, Peru, Columbia and Ecuador contains about a fifth of the whole water flow of the planet that we live on so it is little wonder that it has received the nickname basin of the Earth.
The rain forest is still home to local natives that live off the food of the forest and only occasionally have to travel into the town in case of emergency supplies.
This mixture of Europeans and local indigenous tribes are known as the Mestizo tribe.
The rain forest can blame the damp atmosphere on the amount of rain fall that it is subjected too as it can receive nine feet of rain almost yearly.
But that still does not detract from the beauty of this place.
Hiking through the Amazon rain forest you cannot fail to be impressed by the sky high waterfalls that drop water as though it is straight from heaven.
The fantastic green lush vegetation shows us how nature intended the earth to be before it was spoilt by many civilizations.
The temperature in the rain forest can be as high as 100 degrees but you can still be safely sheltered from this heat thanks to the tall trees that surround this area.
Despite the number of video reviews and photographs of the rain forest it still cannot compare to the real thing.

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