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Traverse the Pious Destination in and Around Bodhgaya

Bodhgaya is one of the most eminent pilgrimage sites in the world which is prominent for its Buddhist significance.
It is considered to be the most pious destination in the world in terms of Buddhism.
It is located as a district in the famous Indian state of Bihar.
Gautama Buddha used Bodhgaya as a halt when he was wandering in search of the answers to his questions.
He preached and meditated under a banyan tree, now named as the Bodhi tree, over Bodhi Mandala.
It was in the process of meditation, under the same tree, when he got enlightenment.
He achieved supreme knowledge under this tree and became the Enlightened One.
Buddhism evolved since then.
With the enlightenment of Gautam Buddha, Buddhism was born.
Bodhgaya witnessed the major events of Gautam Buddha's life.
The meditations, preachings, enlightenment, establishment of Buddhism and Buddha's last sermon etc.
happened on this pious land of Bodhgaya.
Even after Buddha attained Mahaprinirvana, Buddhism kept evolving.
His famous follower Ashoka - the Maurya Emperor (234-198 BC) built fascinating Viharas, Buddhist monasteries and other edifices to promote Buddhism.
He built glorious sites to commemorate the major events in Buddha's life and Buddhism.
Ashoka contributed a lot in spreading the religion to the world.
The edifices now stand as significant historical and heritage sites.
Some of the most famous ones are Ashokan Pillars, Mahabodhi temple etc.
The places which one should include in one's trip to Bodhgaya are: Mahabodhi Temple: It is the most significant site in Bodhgaya which stands in the eastern side of the Bodhi Tree.
The temple is beautifully structured with intricate architecture.
It comprises a 48 Sq ft basement which exquisitely rises to 170 ft.
to endow a pyramid like shape to the temple.
However, this pyramid temple is different from other pyramids primarily because it is a temple and this stretched pyramid does not carry a pointed end but cylindrical which are called Chatras and symbolize sovereignty of the religion.
It stands as the most sacred temples of the place.
Mahabodhi Bodhi Tree: It is the most pious banyan tree which witnessed the grand event of Buddha's life: The Enlightenment.
The tree has undergone four successions; the present tree is the fifth one from the original sapling.
Other famous sites to traverse in Bodhgaya: 80 ft Buddha Statue, Lotus Tank, Buddha Kund, Archaeological Museum, Buddhist Temples, Buddhist Monasteries, International Buddhist House, Thai Temple etc.
Famous sites to traverse around Bodhgaya: Sujata village (2 kms), Dungeshwari Hill (Prag bodhi) (22 kms by road), Maitreya Project (3 kms).

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