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Chinese New Year Light Up - Crimson Cheer!

Lighting up the entire area of Chinatown, to chase the demons away, to bring good spirit and cheer and to spread new hope of the future, the Chinese New Year Light Up is a must see when you travel to the east in the Spring.

Known as the Lunar New Year, the famous Spring Festival of the Chinese New Year is a much anticipated time in Singapore. It is celebrated in every nook and corner, and the city comes alive with people from all walks of life celebrating this joyous occasion.

The streets are dressed in beautiful red decorations and feature traditional music and mouth watering fragrances of local cuisine in many of the roadside night stands. Along every neighbourhood in Singapore the spirit of good cheer could be witnessed. It is also a great time to shop and purchase a wide array of local goods and products.

The Chinese New Year Light Up is the time when crimson lanterns bearing different animal shaped ornaments are lit up to welcome the New Year. The event is best viewed in the Chinatown area, where stunning street lights combined with the decorations that hang from every roof, wall and nightstand, magically transforms the festive area. During the Chinatown Light Up, lion dancers and female dance troops perform in the area along with fire eaters and other traditional performers.

These mesmerizing performances are sure to leave its mark on your Singapore journey. With the city ablaze with hope for the coming year and the people alive with the festivities, the Chinese New Year is a great period to visit the city. Accommodation in Singapore could be found during the festivities; most hotels have competitive prices during this time of the year, and let you enjoy the festivities comfortably.

However if you want a little something more from your journey to Singapore, it is best to stay at a luxury hotel Singapore. Raffles Hotel Singapore is a well located Singapore hotel that gives you a beautiful view of the splendidly lit Clark Quay during the New Year period. Experience world class service standards and state of the art amenities within this elegantly decorated property.

While being pampered at one of Singapore's best known hotels, blend into the festivities, culture and tradition as you visit Singapore's Chinese New Year festivities, and take back with you memories of a tradition practiced by generations. What better way to celebrate your journey to the east!

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