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The Best Way to Travel the Silk Road

Silk Road is a historically significant trade route running between China and Mediterranean.
Since the trade mostly involved silk, hence the name Silk Route.
Not only that, Silk Route is a cultural bridge and presents a mix of Chinese, Indian, Persian, Greek and Roman cultures.
Anyone visiting China must have got a Chinese Visa, and more specifically, if visiting China for tourism purposes should have a Chinese Tourist Visa.
The history of the route spans over 1600 years, from the time of Han Dynasty's Zhang Qian, till the end of the Yuan Dynasty.
The ancient road starts at Chang'an (now called Xian) and reaches Dunhuang, through Hexi Corridor.
From Dunhuang it divides into Northern Route, Southern Route and Central Route.
These same routes spread to India, Pakistan and even Rome.
For exploring the stretch of Silk Route in China, as already mentioned one must have a China Visa or a Chinese Visa.
The sights and beautiful sceneries along the road are truly spectacular.
It seeps you in nostalgia for the bygone eras of the world, and provides a platform to view different interesting and colorful customs.
If you have a China Visa or Chinese Tourism Visa, you can easily do all this and more.
Dunhuang has the mystic Mogao Caves (also called Mogao Grottoes), while Kasha is famous for the famous Sunday Bazaar.
The travelers having a Chinese Visa, (if tourism is the purpose, then Chinese Tourist Visa) and interested in passing Silk Route should have full information about the Route, its weather, transportation and accommodations in and around the route.
Chinese Visa holders could also keep a provision for food and drink.
The routes were always popular but dangerous.
The travelers faced risk of mortal peril because of barbarians would often loot and kill the travelers.
The hard natural elements also make the route a seriously challenging one.
From vast expanses of relentless sand, engulfed in acute shortage of water, one can also experience the bitter challenges of a mountain trip and includes avalanches, altitude sickness and falls that makes the trip deadly.
A variety of wild animals also roam freely in the wilderness.
But the rewards in term of beautiful scenery, on the other hand is also greatly fulfilling.
It would be a good decision on your part to get a Chinese Tourist Visa and start on this amazing journey.
You will be treated by eye-catching mountain panoramas, gorgeous valleys, plush and green steppes, many beautiful lakes, mountain passes and deserts located on a high altitude.
Once in this route, make sure to have seen the historically rich Monuments and other relics in Samarkand and Bokhara and play witness to the cultural of different sects, en route.
If you have a Chinese Visa or a Chinese Tourist Visa you can also visit the neighboring cities and see the landmarks and tourist spots of these beautiful cities as well.
Beijing, China's capital is a store house of ancient sites and relics which will transport you back in history.
Dunhuang, Xian and Lanzhou are other main cities along the route.

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