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Bucharest - A Holiday Destination to Consider

In this period of economical crises people tend to look for less expensive holidays that will still provide them new and interesting things to see.
A place like this can be Bucharest, the capital city of Romania.
During the last years the 2 million inhabitants city has slightly developed from a really communist place to a modern, European one.
You will find here branches of international banks, worldwide known hotel chains such as Marriott or Radisson, hypermarkets such as Carrefour or Cora and fast foods like McDonald's or Burger King.
More than this the security of the travellers is far better now than in the past.
If you are wondering what to visit in Bucharest you will be surprised of the long list of touristic places.
A must see is the People's House built under Ceausescu's government.
It is the world's second largest building after the Pentagon.
It is the most visited place by foreign tourists in Bucharest.
It is situated close to the center of the city, near Marriott hotel, so it is rather easy to get to it.
Another interesting place to see is The Village Museum (Muzeul Satului), a large open-air area situated in the north part of the city.
Here you will be able to see original hindered years houses from all Romanian regions.
It is a spectacular place, one of the largest open air museums in the whole world.
Visiting it you will be able to find out more about the Romanian history, our way of being and about our evolution.
Herastrau Park (in the North, close to The Village Museum) and Cismigiu Park (in the center) are two lovely parks ideal for a relaxion walk after a long day of sightseeing.
Bucharest also has an important number of old monasteries that are very well preserved, some of them being on the UNESCO list of protected monuments.
I hope I got your attention about Bucharest as a potential travel destination for you.
Also important to be said is the fact that the prices here are more than OK, a 1L bottle of water is 0.
5 euros, a beer (.
5L) in the city rarely is more than 2 euros, the food is also very good and more than accessible.

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