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New Brunswick - Top 10 New Brunswick Beaches

Although holiday brochures usually show white sandy beaches in a tropical paradise, some of the world's best beaches are found in the cooler climate of beautiful New Brunswick.
This Atlantic Canadian province has the sandy beaches but New Brunswick can offer much more in a unique beach vacation for a day trip or an extended stay.
Whether people prefer a sandy stretch, a rugged coastline, or a quiet, deserted beach, everyone can find their favorite among the top ten beaches in New Brunswick.
Top 10 Best NB Beaches 1.
Shepody Bay
Shepody Bay Beach is a world-class beach.
Since visitors to this destination can walk on the ocean floor at low tide, Shepody Bay Beach in the Bay of Fundy deserves that rating.
As part of the Rocks Provincial Park, this area is home to the Hopewell Rocks (sometimes referred to as 'flowerpot rocks').
The Hopewell formations were created through the erosion of the shoreline's sandstone by the world's largest tides.
The wearing away of the shoreline left behind the Hopewell Rocks which are huge pillars of stone, with trees and soil on top, towering above the low tide mark.
Stand and admire the formations at low tide but don't stay around for the high tide.
With the world's largest tides, 100 billion tons of water rise and fall twice a day.
For a quiet and romantic sandy beach, visit Demoiselle Beach.
Situated at the southern end of the Rocks Provincial Park, Demoiselle Beach received its name in the 1700s because of the feminine shapes of the rock formations in the adjacent cliffs.
Featuring an impressive salt marsh on its other side, Demoiselle Beach is an excellent viewing point for shorebirds and waterfowl as well as other wildlife.
Barn Marsh Island
Barn Marsh Island Beach runs the six kilometer length of Barn Marsh Island.
The beach is accessible from the Cape Enrage lighthouse.
Although this spot is beautiful, it is not for the faint of heart.
There is a constant danger of rockfalls from the 40-meter cliffs that extend along most of the beach.
Samurai Beach is the only stretch of land connecting the mainland with Barn Marsh Island.
Samurai Beach is completely covered during the first two hours of the flood (incoming) tide and the ebb (outgoing) tide.
Without any known undercurrents, swimming is possible at Samurai Beach but it is always at one's own risk.
La Dune de Bouctouche
La Dune de Bouctouche is a seven-mile sand dune which is home to varied species of birds and animals.
Guided tours allow anyone to explore the dunes but La Dune de Bouctouche is a protected area.
An eco-centre has been created to study, protect, and restore this sandy expanse.
The dune is protected by marram grass which helps prevent erosion.
Kouchibouguac National Park
Located in eastern New Brunswick on the shores of the Northumberland Strait, La Dune de Bouctouche is just southeast of Kouchibouguac National Park.
This park is home to beaches and sand dunes.
Boardwalks create protection for the sand dunes.
Native birds such as terns, as well as piping plovers, an endangered species, nest on its beaches.
At Cap-Pelé, tourists will find Aboiteau Beach - a first-class southeastern New Brunswick beach.
Situated on a perfect angle for sunbathing or swimming, Aboiteau Beach, with its white sand, extends for almost 2.
5 kilometres.
On a clear day, the tower above Aboiteau Beach offers an amazing view of Prince Edward Island.
Melvin Beach is one of the magnificent beaches that is accessible from the Fundy Trail Parkway.
Since part of the walk includes rocky paths, sturdy footwear is a necessity.
Considering the view of clay-covered cliffs between Melvin Beach and Pangburn Beach, this challenging walk is worth the effort.
Located in Shediac on the Northumberland Strait, Parlee Beach is one of the most popular NB beaches.
Parlee Beach is known as one of the warmest saltwater beaches north of Virginia.
During the summer months, approximately 1,000,000 people visit Parlee Beach.
Katy's Cove
Katy's Cove is a St.
Andrews attraction.
Like many NB beaches, this sandy stretch is just minutes away from modern facilities.
With its warm water and white sand, this amazing beach is perfect for summer fun.
Tourists can find comfortable and affordable New Brunswick cottages and hotels near any of the province's beaches.
Whether one prefers freshwater or saltwater beaches for a vacation spot, numerous NB beaches get a top rating.
While some will plan their tropical vacations to lie on ordinary beaches, countless others will seek out unique spots.
Lazing in the sun can't compare to walking on the ocean floor at a New Brunswick beach.

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