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Goa is a tiny state in India and is situated in the western coastal part of India in the area known as Konkan.
The state is perhaps one of the four smallest states as far as the Population is concerned.
Goa is encircled by Maharashtra from the northern side and Karnataka from the eastern.
The Arabian Sea outlines its western coastal division of India.
Goa is an out of the ordinary and a striking city which is well known for its vivacious and vibrant nightlife.
People from all parts of the world visit this exotic place for a holiday particularly at the time of Christmas and New Year.
Panaji happens to be the capital city of Goa Vasco is considered to be the biggest town in Goa as far as Population is concerned.
There is an impact of Portuguese civilization in the city of Margao.
The state is well valued and cherished for its fine-looking beaches, shrines and cultural heritage existing in the town.
The city appears very eye-catching due to the influence of Flora and fauna.
There are many number of international as well as national travelers, who come to Goa and take pleasure in the traditions of that place.
Goa is also well-known for its living standard, which is considerably good and is considered to be one of the most urbanized states in India.
Goa is extremely well sustained by an airport which is national as wells as international.
It has a military airport, which is used for the domestic flights too.
The airbase is to be found 15 km away from Panaji, the capital town of Goa.
There are numerous national airlines such as Air Deccan, Kingfisher, Indian Airlines, Air Sahara, Indigo, JetAir, Air India, GoAir,which is in service from Delhi to Goa and are moving at frequent intervals These flights also links the state with all the chief cities and metropolitan areas in India.
There are many international airlines such as Air Arabia, Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airlines, Air India, which controls their flights from Goa to various countries positioned in the world.
There are many chartered flights, which are run by private companies also.
It takes minimum of 2 hours to get to the capital city of Goa from the aerodrome.
There is a provision of Taxis and autos on the airport for the expediency of the travelers to reach various cities positioned in Goa.

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