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Jamaica Vacations - The Best Choice

Jamaica vacations are synonymous with many things.
There is no other place that has so many world famous products to offer as this Caribbean island.
Long before any of the other neighboring countries received external publicity or recognition, Jamaica was well on its way to fame.
Port Antonio opened its doors to visitors and became the birth place of the island's tourism.
Known as the land of wood and water, natural beauty is not lacking.
With over one hundred and twenty rivers many culminating into spectacular waterfalls, the island is bountiful in beauty and splendor.
Over the years Jamaica vacations have expanded in non traditional tourism.
It is not just sun and beautiful beaches anymore.
While these remain important there are so many other things that the island has to offer.
Home to the Blue Mountain Coffee it makes waking up in the morning something to look forward to.
Reggae music is undoubtedly one of the world's top music and of course everyone knows where it was originated.
The music is made for dancing, which makes it difficult to have a dull moment while visiting the island.
In fact, if you are not a dancer there are many who will entertain you at their expense.
Some of the best rums are distilled and aged right here on the island.
Known for the smooth and rich taste with a distinct aroma, these rums are of high quality.
They are ideal for tropical drinks during the day time and perfect for parties at nights.
It is not just the coffee, rum, music, and natural beauty that brought Jamaica vacations to fame, but also the cuisine.
A fusion of many cooking techniques and recipes, the flavor is truly unique.
Jamaican culture is a mixture of different people and the cuisine is a true reflection of this as well.
The island could not be what it is without the charm of the locals.
The warm smiles and friendly faces play a significant role.
This Caribbean island has a large chunk of returning visitors.
They return not only for a holiday but also to see the many friends that they met during their previous trips.
There can never be a dull moment on your Jamaica vacations.
With so many wonderful things that the island possesses, no wonder it is the ultimate choice.
Come to the island where the cascading waterfalls are majestic, the place where the high mountains form a perfect backdrop for the azure waters.
Come to Jamaica the place where the island's beauty, reggae, rum, food, sun and fun rules.

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