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Mummy Coffins of Ancient Egypt

The earlier culture of ancient Egypt exhibits how it was indulged in religion.
Like most of the ancient cultures, ancient Egyptian culture value for religion and related things was utmost.
People used to trust that the rebirth takes place.
Not only this, they were strongly confident that post death 'factors' influenced their lives.
According to ancient Egyptian culture, death was not the end of life.
It was just a medium, by which rest of the life was lead under protection of God.
People used to save the body of the person who died, and this is where the idea of mummy coffins came from.
A strong belief suggested that the body of every individual is made up of the 'ka', the 'akh' as well as the 'ba'.
Name of the person and even his shadow was believed to be alive.
As per ancient Egyptian views, if all these things are stored and saved, the person will live a good life after his death.
The process started, when the dead person was brought before 14 members of jurisdiction.
There the complete role performed throughout the life of the person was evaluated.
His heart was measured with the feather of the goddess Ma'at.
In the grave of the person, all the instruments, related to his business were kept, so that he can continue it after death.
Useful things like clothes, perfumes, utensils were provided to the deceased.
Near or above the grave, different structures were built.
This meant the food offered to the person, which he had taken when he was alive.

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