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Inspiring Stays at Hotels in the Algarve

British holidaymakers have been frequenting the Algarve in large numbers since the tourist boom really took off in the 1960's and Portugal's southern coast remains a popular choice for holidaymakers. The Algarve's capital Faro is one of the more popular destinations and it is home to the region's airport so holidaymakers booking hotels in Faro do not have far to travel at all. The Algarve does have some interesting cultural sites but is definitely best known for its abundance of excellent beaches and the fun watersports activities that go with popular beach holidays.

Albufeira, a once small and charming fishing town has shared the fate of many of Spain's popular holiday resorts and succumbed to the tourist pound and Euro. Holidaymakers can be seen strolling around throughout the summer in the shadow of the flat roofed white buildings that are typical across the Mediterranean south of Europe. While some guide books bemoan the lack of ‘traditional' culture holidaymakers will be pleased that they can order fresh local cuisine and familiar British foods without having to stumble through the local language and then after a nice lunch holidaymakers can spend the afternoon soaking up the sun on the Praia Falesia.

Holidaymakers that would like to engage in a few activities or to visit some of the local sites have some interesting options available to them. There are the usual holiday waterparks with aqualand being the most popular for holidaymakers that want to enjoy a wet and wild day away from the all inclusive comfort of their Albufeira hotels. Alternatively Zoomarine is better for holidaymakers that want a more complete experience as there are also Dolphin shows and an aquarium. Holidaymakers looking for a cultural visit should head for Albufeira's Archeological Museum in the Chapel of San Sebastian which has exhibits that date back to the year 5000BC.

For holidaymakers that enjoy cultural sites a visit to Faro or Portimao is suggested. The regional capital Faro has some interesting museums and Se, a church built on the site of a medieval mosque is also one of the old city's best known visitor attractions. The Maritime and Archaeological museums are big draws for visitors and locals alike and the latter is the most well frequented for its range of locally found exhibits and its star attraction, a Roman mosaic dating back to 200AD.

Other popular excursions for holidaymakers to take away from their hotels include coastal watersports. However holidaymakers enjoying the calmer and warmer waters of the Mediterranean coast should be aware that the surfing and windsurfing will be better on the Algarve's Atlantic coast. The upside is that motorised sports like jetskiing and waterskiing are very popular and it is not very hard to find a vendor offering to rent equipment out. Holidaymakers can also go cliff walking and caving in the Jurassic era caves that are dotted throughout the Algarve.

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