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Arosa Switzerland

In the country of Switzerland you will find the city of Arosa.
This city can be found in the canton of Graubünden, in the district of Plessur.
Arosa is both a winter and a summer time resort.
The town can be found at the top of the Schanfigg Valley.
It is surrounded by ragged towering peaks.
As you explore this scenic resort city you will discover that it is divided into two distinct segments.
The main resort which is called Ausserarosa can be found near the Obersee lakelet and the train station.
Meanwhile you will be able to find the older part of the city which has been named Innerarosa at the upper end of the valley.
This resort town is mainly covered in snow due to its height.
In spite of this snow you will still be somewhat warm as the sun shines here for about 8 to twelve hours per day.
This superb climate is part of the reason why Arosa has been considered as a popular alpine health resort for more than 100 years.
At the heart of Arosa you can look at two stunning lakes.
These are the Untersee and the Obersee Lakes.
The Obersee Lake is known to be the upper lake.
While you can enjoy the beauty and ambience of this town and its surrounding area you will find there are plenty of activities for skiers and non-skiers alike to do in Arosa.
These will include ice skating on the winter frozen lake, skiing down the endless slopes and even taking some enjoyable walks in the winter landscape of Arosa.
During the summer months you will find Arosa has opportunities for you to enjoy sunbathing on the beaches and swimming in the Untersee Lake.
You will also be able to enjoy playing a round of golf on 18 hole course at Maran.
You will be able to go hiking on the various footpaths and hiking trails which abound here.
To relax you can have a delicious picnic on the various benches which dot the landscape.
While these outdoor activities are enjoyable you will find there are other things you can do on vacation here in Arosa.
One interesting visit that you can have is to visit a cheese dairy.
Here you will be able to see how the fresh milk from the meadow cows is transformed into the distinctive mouth watering Mountain Arosa cheese which melts in your mouth.
Once you have finished sampling this delight you may want to check out the Eggahuus Museum.
Here you will be in a position to learn about the fascinating history of Arosa and neighbouring Schanfigg.
From the museum your next stop should be the Bergkirchil Church.
This church's beginnings can be traced back to 1492.
Within the church you will be able to look at its famous late Gothic ceiling and also the 18th century organ which is both fascinating to hear and to see.
Other sights that you should check out while you are in Arosa will include an architectural tour of the Langwieser Viaduct and the town itself.
This is a town which has something for everyone in your family.
Whether you come to Arosa in the summer or the winter months you will find this resort to be a wonderful place to build some great memories of a vacation well spent.

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