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The Magic Of Disneyland Vacations

Disneyland first opened in July 1955 and has since brought magic into the lives of every visitor who has passed through their gates.
Since it opened over 50 years ago, Disneyland has seen over 515 million guests enjoy the atmosphere that so many of us love and visit so often.
After a visit to the magical kingdom, you will counting the days until you and your family can return and experience it again.
The Disneyland Resort is located in Anaheim, California, with easy access from Interstate 5.
The Disneyland Resort is home to two theme parks, three 5-star hotels, and Downtown Disney.
Each theme park features rides, themed areas and attractions that provide a magical experience for your entire family.
Disneyland, the original park consists of six different areas, or lands as they are called.
Upon entering Disneyland you will find yourself on Main Street, U.
Immediately, you will be emerged in 20th century America.
You will see double deck buses driving around the area, arcades, and the building even look old school.
It is definitely a site to see.
Immediately following Main Street, if you take a left, you will find yourself in Adventureland.
This is an area which is all about the tropical theme.
In this land you will find the Tiki Room, Indiana Jones Adventure, Tarzan Tree House, and the Jungle Cruise.
You will literally be taken from real life and feel as though you are in a jungle.
If you happen to take a right off main street, you will find yourself stepping away from today and entering the future in Tomorrowland.
Tomorrowland is home to one of the most loves rides, Space Mountain.
You will also find Star Tours and Buzz Lightyear Astroblasters to be very fun and entertaining for the whole family.
Frontierland is one of my favorite since it is home to the Thunder Mountain Railroad.
This ride is definitely one that shouldn't be missed by anyone.
The whole land feels as though you just left the present and enter the Wild, Wild, West.
Filled with saloons and places to practice your target shooting, you will feel as though you should be in tight pants, a flannel shirt, and chaps.
Fantasyland is one that will be loved by most little children.
Fantasyland's main entrance is through Sleeping Beauty's Castle.
Immediately you are taken away from real life and into a fantasy.
You will find all of the little rides for the children like Peter Pan's Flight, Mr.
Toad's Wild Ride, and Dumbo the Flying Elephant.
It is also home to the Matterhorn Bobsleds and the brand new Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.
The last major area of Disneyland is ToonTown.
If your children love Mickey Mouse and his gang, they will love to see where they live.
ToonTown is a bust for adults, but nothing brings me more happiness than to see little children jump for joy and excitement when they get all the way through Mickey's house and see him and the end.
Disneyland is truly a magical place and one that can be enjoyed by all.
I try to visit the resort with my family once a year.
You should really consider it for your next vacation.
Your family will thank you forever!

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