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You Don't Have to Waste Water When Building Phoenix Swimming Pool

The typical Arizona pool holds around 15,000 gallons of water. If you don't know how to maximize the use or reuse that water, you are going to see your monthly bills balloon beyond your usual budget. The UN says water is a very important resource and in the future, wars will be waged on its name so you can have the best of both worlds by conserving that precious resource right in your own backyard.

The pool cover

Doing this task alone will save you a lot of trouble. Most owners just leave the water of the pool unattended not knowing that in 12 months, the water level will come down to half of the original state due to evaporation or an average of 7,000 gallons. Covering Phoenix swimming pools will cut down the evaporation to as much as 90%.

Pool cover will also lessen the need to use chemicals to balance the water chemistry, restrict algae growth, and conserve heat during the colder season.

Look for leaks

Leakage is also one of the common problems that pool owners don't really manage to address until they are informed by the pool service company. Although you do need to outsource the maintenance and upkeep of your swimming pool, you can do your bit by checking for leaks and cracks yourself. Wet spots a few steps downstream of the pool, soil saturated by water on the pool's plumbing system, check the consistency of the tiles, look for cracks on the wall and the pool's bottom.

If the Phoenix swimming pool does have a leak, the owner is advised to lower the water level if the crack is spotted on the pool wall. Another added advantage for a lower water level is the safety of the swimmers and preventing the "splashers" from splashing more water. During summer, limit the use of heaters if you have one.

Drain as needed and reuse water

Frequent use of backwash filters will obviously waste a lot of water. Instead, ask pool servicers to clean and filters often so you don't need to backwash as frequently. Another offshoot of frequent backwashing is you can damage your filters.

If all swimming pools in Phoenix reuse the wastewater from the filter backlash in watering their shrubs or lawns, thousands of gallons will be saved. There is also the legal ramification as some states make it illegal to empty the backwash water into storm drainages or onto the street.

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