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Best Pubs and Clubs of Goa

Goa has one of the most rocking nightlife in the country. India is not as liberal or riotous in terms of night life with most of its city preferring to lay down quiet after midnight. However, Goa's roads pave for an exception and once you are heading down its alleys, you can be sure of having a gala time. Goa tourism has made quite a name for itself for promoting its casinos, pubs and clubs. And this is one state in the country which gives the tourists the permission to let their hair down.

Here are some of the best pubs and clubs of Goa (in no ranking order):
i. 10 Downing Street: Situated in Candolim in north Goa, '10 Downing Street' is an address you must mug up in your heart. It may not be very large and spacious, but it is the most popular pub out there. It is not just full of tourists but its bar is also full of the best liquors. You are guaranteed some musical moments at this place.

ii. Club Blue: Club Blue, in Calangute, is another renowned pub which enjoys a very powerful ambience. Drinking wine is amongst the many popular things to do in Goa! And since this place has a great variety, you should definitely include it in your itinerary. The DJ at this place is very professional and knows how to regale the crowd. Hence, the choice of music is perfect for the occasion and would suit the season remarkably well.

iii. Tito's: If you happen to be at Baga, then do not forget to step into the delightful club of Tito's. From its cucumber cool dance floor to its exotic wines to its ravishing atmosphere to its electrifying lights, this place is in demand throughout the year. Goa tourism swells in pride just at the mention of Tito's. In fact, if you happen to visit the place during New Year's Eve, then you will hardly find space to put your foot.

iv. Party Zone: If you are looking for a cheap disco, then 'Party Zone' in South Goa should fit your bill perfectly. With a nominal entry fee of around Rs 150 per couple, this place has that vintage charm. After all, it is one of the oldest pubs in the state and always brings back nostalgic thoughts.

v. Other popular pubs and clubs: Other popular pubs and clubs in Goa include names like Aqua, Avloc, West End, Cavala and Fahrenheit.

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