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Aurora Borealis Hunting - Top Tips for the Best Sightings

Are you about to embark on the trip of a lifetime, Aurora Borealis hunting? The thrill of seeing this magnificent natural phenomenon is a once in a lifetime occurrence for most people so here are some tips on how you can enjoy it to the maximum.
Hunting for the Aurora Borealis This stunning theatrical display, known more commonly as the Northern lights, is one of the most powerful natural events on our planet.
It is the ambition of many adventurous travellers to witness it and there are excellent travel companies offering dedicated Aurora Borealis hunting trips, taking guests to some of the best places to see the lights, including Swedish Lapland and Iceland.
But once on your trip, how can you ensure that you get the very best opportunities to see what you came for? While travelling with an experienced, specialist tour company is paramount, there are a few other basic tips that can help prepare you.
Right Time, Right Place Make sure you time it right and choose the best place to go depending on the date you intend to travel.
Between September and March northern Lapland sees the lights every other night, and Abisko, with its micro climate and particularly cloud free skies is a superb vantage for viewing.
Be Guided to the Light Every Aurora Borealis hunting trip should have an experienced local guide, as they will know the best times and places for optimal viewing.
Starry, clear nights with no wind are the best conditions for the ultimate sightings.
Ideally you want no artificial lights to impede the view, so a guide will take you out to remote locations away from towns and villages.
Hilltops and lakeshores are among the best places to see the lights perform at their best.
Be Patient and Be Prepared As with any unpredictable natural phenomenon you'll have to be patient.
The lights could occur at any time from just after the sun has set in the evening to just before dawn.
This means that you may find yourself doing a lot of waiting and watching.
Make sure you dress appropriately (to the tour company's specifications and advice), as it can be very cold on the clear bright nights in the northern hemisphere.
When choosing your Aurora Borealis hunting trip, you should book with a company that offers small group travel.
This ensures a more personal service and provides more of an opportunity to engage with the guide and ask questions.
You will also be able to get to know other members of the group and form lasting friendships.

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