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Ensure That There Are Lots of ATMs Before You Transfer Money to Dominican Republic With a Debit Card

Many people have a need to send money home to their relatives in other countries, and those with family in Dominican Republic are no exception. If you need to send money to this area, you should conduct some research on the best ways to do so. One of the most popular methods to transfer money to Dominican Republic is by adding funds to a prepaid debit card, and then sending it to relatives. Before you commit to this route, you should find out if this is indeed a convenient method for residents of this country. Of course, you should know that over $2.7 billion is sent to this country every year, and about 38 percent of residents rely on remittances from family, most of which come from the United States. Clearly, remittances to this area are frequent, and many are performed on a prepaid debit card due to ease of use and low fees.

Like most nations, there are ATMs scattered throughout Dominican Republic. However, they are not widespread in smaller towns, so be sure that your relative is in a larger city before you use such a card to transfer money to Dominican Republic. Otherwise, travel may be involved simply to use the card or get money out of an ATM. Some of the largest cities include Santiago de los 30 Caballeros, Santo Domingo, and La Romana. However, check to see if your relative lives near a resort town like Samana or Boca Chica, because even though they are often small, they usually have both ATMs and merchants that are prepared to accept cards.

One benefit of using a prepaid debit card in Dominican Republic is avoiding the large fees often associated with exchanging money. If you were to transfer money to Dominican Republic any other way, you would likely have to pay a fee in order to send Dominican pesos to your relative, or they would be charged for exchanging US dollars for pesos. Either way, large fees could be involved. You can avoid such charges through a debit card, as you will simply be charged $5 to add money to the card. Though you will add money in US dollars on your end, your relative can withdraw Dominican pesos from any ATM in the country.

Most vendors accept prepaid debit cards, but it is best to always carry some cash in this country. All merchants accept pesos, while most take cards, and some do accept US dollars. Of course, large cities and smaller resort towns with lots of tourists usually have merchants that accept debit cards. Clearly, the best bet is to carry some cash, just in case, which your relative can get from an ATM using the card. They can then purchase groceries, gas, and other necessities with their card, but they might consider calling the store first and asking if they take debit cards.

Overall, prepaid debit cards can definitely be a useful way to transfer money to Dominican Republic, as it is easy for you and convenient for your relatives. It is important to find out first whether your recipient can in fact use the card easily where they live. However, once you know the answer, transferring money to the card is usually quite easy and convenient.

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